How do I book for a workshop?

You can book by clicking the link on the webpage or come and pay at SAY HQ. If you pay for the term, you will be guaranteed a spot each week. Casual spots are limited to class sizes and for quality learning, we do like to keep this ratio low. 

What happens if I miss one week that I have paid for?

We have make up lessons you can come to. Just ask us next time you are in!

 Can I book a one off casual workshop?

Yes, you can book a casual workshop, but these spots can be limited as most people tend to book by the term.

What types of payments do you accept?

If you book online, you will be directed to a secure site to add your credit card details. We also accept cash, EFT and credit card if you are in the shop.

What happens if I have a sibling that wants to join?

Siblings are welcome to come and watch. However, we do ask if they are over 1 and are joining in that they enroll in the class.

Do you have holiday workshops for school kids?

Yes, we have lots of fun workshops for school kids and also the little ones too. Holiday workshops are usually on the website one month before the holidays. You can book the holidays the same way you book the regular workshops.

Do you do children’s parties?

Yes, we have quite a few to choose from! Click here for a complete list, including costs. We also have FAQ just for parties below.

Do you do other parties?

Yes, we do! We can do hen’s, work events, engagement, wedding, Christmas and anniversaries. You name it, we can make an art workshop to suite you! Please contact us here with your ideas, dates and rough amount of people and we will get back to you.

Are you available for private tutoring?

Yes, we do have private tutoring available. Please contact us here with your private tutoring needs. There will be adult studio time coming mid 2017 where Anna will open the studio space up to a small amount of artist each week offering a mentor/tutor workshop.


FAQ: Book “Everyday Superhero”

 How do I purchase a book?

You can click the link here to purchase one online. Alternatively you can give us a call and we can place the order over the phone. Anna will be having a collection of book launches over Brisbane. Click here for her itinerary.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Credit card details and PayPal are the method of payment online or you can purchase from one of Anna’s book launches here or come in and purchase one at SAY [cash, EFT and c/c available]

How do I calculate delivery charges?

Postage costs $4.00 for 1-5 books. Five or more books would cost $7.00.

How will my order be delivered?

We use Australia Post to deliver our books.

How will I know when my order has been sent?

We will send you an email when your order has been shipped.

Does say provide gift wrapping?

Yes, we provide gift wrapping free of charge, just let us know! We email you the receipt, so there won’t be any receipt attached with the present.

FAQ’s for party

We understand each party is unique and special to you, so please give feel free to ask away! We do get asked a lot of questions and here are a few of the ones we think might help you.

Do we have access to the other areas other than the workshop space?

Yes, you can access the rest of the play space. If you want the play space exclusively, we hire it out for $100. If it is not hired exclusively, other customers can have access to it during business hours. For larger parties we ask that you hire the play space exclusively.

How many people can we invite to our party?

So that we can deliver a party withour getting under each other nose, we do have some size restrictions. Our workshop space can accommodate 10-20 kids and parents (1-2 per child). If your party is bigger please send us an email and we can discuss options.  

Do you do corporate, adult and fundraising parties?

Yes, we can! This is a custom quote so we need as much information from you. We do have a large space suitable for all ages and all types of events. We would love to hear from you!

Can we cater ourselves?

We understand sometimes food is a big part of a party or event. We are flexible with adding and removing things from the catering for dietary reasons. If you would like to cater yourselves, we would remove the catering charge and just add a catering fee of $30.

Can we add our own decorations?

Yes, of course! This however will not alter the price of the party.

Does the price include a party bag?

No, the party package price just includes the party. We are happy to organize a party bags that range from $7-$15 per party bag, depending on the content.

Do you do parties on weekdays?

Yes, we can have parties that work around our workshop classes. When you fill out the inquiry form please make a special note of the weekdays you have in mind and we will let you know what is available.

What does the host do at the party?

Our party host will set up the room, keep the food, drinks, rubbish and activites supplies running and clean up and end. However, they will not stay in the room the entire time. If you would like a host who will help to run the party, please add this into the inquiry form or speak to us about this. If you have one of the art parties, your art teacher will be present and running the art making for one hour of the party.