Craft Party


This creative craft party is perfect for kids and adults who just want a low key party, where kids can come and go as they please from the craft station, the indoor play area and the food table. Crafts include collage, wearable art, puppets, playdough and can be customized marginally upon request.

Details of this package

Suitable ages: 1+

Host: this package does not include an art teacher or host that stays for the party, but they will set up and clean up.

Decorations: The room will be decorated with stylish party decorations with all tableware inclusive.

 Catering includes:

Fairy Bread

Sausage rolls (home made!)

Meat pies

Fruit cups


Anzac slice


 $350 for 10 kids

$10 extra/child for catering

$5 extra/child for craft

Upgrades: Art art teacher is available for the 4+ age group at cost of $100. A host to help out at the craft table would cost  an  additional $60 for 1+.

Check out the FAQ’s here is you have further questions